To Acapulco & Back.

Keeping it simple with the tray table from Hay and a round Acapulco, I mentioned in my last post that I picked out our coffee table and feature chair. They are very beautiful and definitely deserve a blog post of their own!

Originally we decided to splurged on the table but scrimp with a replica of the chair. We even purchased a replica but it just didn’t work. Every time I looked at it, I could see all the flaws in the replica – the different feet, the way it didn’t sit properly, the excess of strings… when you love a design, you really want a real one!

In the end, we returned the replica to purchase a real Acapulco. I opted for the round version because I liked its conversational design which was more suitable as a lounge chair. But after taking our new chair home, we discovered a defect – the front bar was bent! So poor H. had to carry it a third time back to the shop and swap it for a perfect one.

I couldn’t believe purchasing a chair could be so hard but I can definitely say it was worth it! The quality and workmanship is noticeably better and the open string design works well for our small space by opening up the seating area. At least now I have something to sit on to enjoy a cup of tea!

Once the sofa arrives, our seating arrangement will be complete in the living room… only 4 more weeks to go!

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