The Big Design Market.

Sorry for being MIA this past week – I’ve been working on a small photo collage for my old high school and didn’t have the chance to post anything! But I’m back at it so to kick start the week, I thought I’d write about my first ‘blogging excursion’ to Melbourne’s ‘The Big Design Market’ over the weekend.

Running for the first time this year by the team at Mark-It, my main purpose of the trip was to find a nice Secret Santa gift for my colleague at work (which I luckily found – I’ll post something about this in the coming weeks).

But in amongst present hunting, it was also nice to get out and enjoy a more colourful Sunday morning – check out my favourite stands in the snaps below:

Above: The stand from A Skulk of Foxes was so cute – I loved the colourful wooden roof tiles and told H. that we should make our roof like that. He thought I’d lost the plot!

Above: I want the entire collection from Beneath The Sun! The lure of geometrics brights and homewares drew me right to the stand – especially the painted wooden objects.

Above: A miniature anything is a good way to get my attention and that’s exactly what Amy from Petite Green has done – these tiny landscapes were amazingly ornate and I loved them!

Above: I know wooden geometric necklaces are everywhere but who could resist this spray-paint splattered neon orange-pink version from Meow Girl? If only I wore more jewellery!

Above: Knitted purses from students at RMIT University – very cute and definitely stands out in the crowd.

Above: Neon pot hangers from Bridget Bodenham – and she does some very pretty handmade ceramics too!

PS > I reached another mini milestone of 15,000 hits to date this week – that means that there are 15,000 of you who have stumbled across what I do and hopefully liked it! Thank you to all who’ve read my blog in the past few months!

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