From Martha Stewart to the fun critters at Photojojo, photo cubes are a prolific project with lots of tried and tested approaches.

But just because someone else has done it before, doesn’t mean that I can’t put my own spin on it – introducing my Instacubes for my Zakka this week!

Admittedly, you could take the easy way out and just print your photos onto a cube template then stick it together. But that would be a bit unsatisfying… you know I get a kick from gluing, cutting and sticking!

I used string to create hanging cubes but of course, you can stack them if you wish. With less than five steps and my easy to use template for this project (6cm Cube Template) – hope you enjoy making them!

 What you need:

  • 3 x cube template sheets – this will measure 6cm x 6cm (2¼” x 2¼”) when printed on A4 sized paper
  • 9 x square photo 5cm x 5cm (2” x 2”) printouts – Tip: Instagram photos work perfectly for this!
  • 2 metres (6’ 6”) of cotton twine (optional)
  • General craft tools – ruler, glue, scissors/knife, cutting mat, pencils, staples
  • Decorations – washi tape, stickers, stamps… whatever you like!


  1. Print and cut out all cube templates and score on the folds for easy folding.
  2. Decorate cubes and stick on at least 3 photos per cube – you can apply photos on all sides of the cube but I like to have some of the decorating shine through!
  3. If you plan to hang your cubes using the cotton string; create a small hole in the centre of the squares that will form your top and base. Thread the string through and trim to length as desired.
  4. Using double sided tape, fold the template to form a cube shape – you’ve created an Instacube!
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