Project Zakka: Mini Paper Pine Trees

It’s no secret I love all things miniature. So, when I finally got around to it last week – I decided to fold some mini Paper Pine Trees for fun!

Mini Paper Pine Trees

I made a little mountain scene but you can make a lot of them in different sizes and create a mini forest if you wanted to! And since it’s the time of the year where pine trees are best celebrated, they’re such a cute way to add something special to the Christmas table.

Sit one little tree next to each place card at your Christmas dinner and enjoy your family and friends’ compliments when they sit down to something so cute!

As always, instructions are included below – pine it up!

What you need:

  • 1 x 5cm (2”) green paper square – this will form your tree
  • A strip of brown paper to form your tree stump – mine measured a tiny 0.5cm x 2.5cm!
  • General craft tools – craft knife, cutting mat, pencil and glue

*Because the tree piece has several folds, I’ve included a downloadable PDF to guide you through the folds. Click here for the PDF.


  1. Follow the folds as outlined in the PDF.
  2. Using a round greylead pencil, roll up your strip of brown paper to form a tree stump. Using some glue, stick your tree stump into place.
  3. Place your mini pine tree on top of your stump – your mini tree has sprung!

Tip: If you want your mini tree to be one whole piece; add a bit of craft glue to the base of your tree before placing it on top of the stump.

PS > Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback about my first PDF tutorial for my Paper Dahlias – I hope this one’s easier to follow!

Project Zakka: Paper Dahlias / Christmas Stars

When I think of Christmas, one of the first things that pop into mind is always a star. Whether it’s because of the story of the Three Wise Men following David’s Star or just for the fact that they are pretty, stars are an emblematic part of Christmas.

I’ve bought some pretty nice ornaments in the past but this year, I wanted to add something that I made to the mix. After looking around for what shape to use, I decided to create paper dahlia flowers because I loved the way they looked when hanging and they way they reminded me of a Christmas star.

I don’t have a lot of space in my little house so I can’t fit a tree – I have a few bare branches that act as my festive corner over Christmas instead. Versatile enough to be an ornament or wrapping feature, the paper dahlias looked great hanging in amongst my ornaments and paper pinwheels!

What you need:

  • 6 x patterned paper squares – I used papers with hints of gold for an added Christmas feel!
  • Baker’s twine / cotton thread of your choice
  • Single-hole punch
  • General craft tools – craft knife, cutting mat, pencil and glue

*Because the dahlia pieces have several folds, I’ve included a downloadable PDF to guide you through the folds. Click here for the PDF.


  1. Fold 6 x dahlia flower components as per the steps outlined in the PDF.
  2. Apply glue to the sides of the dahlia pieces – make sure you only glue about 2/3 of the dahlia side from the base otherwise your dahlia won’t fan out nicely!!
  3.  Stick all the pieces together side by side, making sure that they are all facing the same orientation.
  4. Once you reach the last piece, you will need to apply glue to the side then stick this back to the other side of the first piece to create a circular / fanned effect.
  5. Allow for the dahlia to dry for about a minute then start spreading each point (outer) and petal (inner) – there should be two outer points to between each centre petal.
  6. Using a single hole punch – punch a small hole at the back between the sides of two of the outer points.
  7. Thread through your string – your dahlia flower / Christmas star is ready for hanging!

Project Zakka: Mini Tealight Lantern

One of the best things about Mid-Autumn celebrations while growing up was finishing my mooncake then lighting up paper lanterns in the backyard with my family to celebrate the beaming moon.

The best lanterns were always the animal shaped ones – oversized and made from red cellophane, they lit up the night sky with a kitsch merriness. Though I’m now a bit too old to be toting around a basketball sized red rabbit lantern, it still brings back fond memories… so I made a mini tealight rabbit lantern for a Mid-Autumn Zakka instead!

I love the fact that it’s portable and a bit safer for young kids then running around with an open flame paper lantern. Whilst I used rabbits as my muse, you can also work in simpler shapes like hearts or stars for a different occasion.

Come and continue Mid-Autumn celebrations with me by making and lighting up your mini lanterns!

What you need:

  • A sheet of washi paper, trimmed to fit around a small tealight – Tip: Use tissue paper if you don’t have any washi paper handy!
  • A patterned sheet of origami paper
  • A stencil or paper cutter for the shape of your motif – I used a small rabbit-shaped paper clip as my stencil!
  • Clear sticky tape
  • General craft tools – craft knife, cutting mat, pencil and glue


  1. Trace 4-5 of your stencils onto the patterned origami paper and using your craft knife, cut it out neatly. If you’re using a paper cutter, cut out 4-5 pieces of your desired shape.
  2. Glue your shapes onto your trimmed sheet of washi/tissue paper – Tip: Make sure there are some towards the top half of the paper; this will make the shape give a shadow when the tealight is lit!
  3. Tape the trimmed sheet around your tealight – you may need to tape the bottom edge to the base of the tealight to prevent movement of the sheet.
  4. Light your tealight candle and enjoy!