It’s been such a long time since I last posted… I’ve been so busy recently! But, on the flip side – I’ll be flown off to the motherland in just a couple of days for work which is actually quite exciting… I love Hong Kong and I’ve never been to China!

Hong Kong is one of my most favourite cities in the world and I’m not going to lie… for me, it feels intuitively like a second home. No language barriers, crazy hustle bustle and constant sources of inspiration make it such a vibrant place to be in and having not been back for almost 3 years, it’s going to be great exploring this amazing place at my own pace.

On the top of my exploration list includes Sheung Wan and Wan Chai which I didn’t really check out the last time I went. I especially looking forward to tasting some yummy bread from Po’s Atelier, drinking Chai tea at Teakha and wandering around Hollywood Road for crazy knick knacks of  ‘old’ Hong Kong.


Po’s Atelier (Source: HK Magazine)


Teakha (Source: Teakha Facebook)

Of course, there’ll be plenty of shopping crammed into this one day that I have but with my flat shoes and camera with me each step of the way… let’s hope some amazing photos come out of it!

Finding Inspiration

As a part of the course, there’s some open forums where students can share their progress or graduates can share their work – kind of like Flickr. And naturally being my nerdy self, I’ve been checking out the forums to see what others are doing out there and get tips for modules that I’m trying to complete.

The challenge with that is that I’m not actually inspired by what I see but don’t get me wrong! There is some amazing photography of landscapes and portraits in there. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating these kinds of images as well as the courage to share and receive feedback for them. It’s just not the type of photography that I’m personally in to and that makes it hard to be motivated because I’m such a visual person.

Little Sundays_250114B

Little Sundays_250114A2

Little Sundays_250114C

So to make sure that I keep myself motivated, I’ve set up some inspiration cut outs from my favourite photography sources on the wall behind me when I’m studying. I love simplicity and stillness in photos from photographers like Alice Gao as well as magazines like Cereal which has always been what I want to be shooting.

I’ve got a long way to go but hopefully it will keep me motivated – at least I’ll be able to turn around, get a quick dose of inspiration then hit the books again!

The Photography Course

I took the plunge this week and completed the first of my new year resolutions – I enrolled in a photography course. Having received lots of advice on what to do and not to do, I finally just sat down and did it.

But the hardest part about all this was actually trying to figure out what I wanted to achieve from it. Was it for better blog photos? Did I want to someday become a freelance photographer? Did I just want to do it because I was feeling creatively challenged? There was an accumulation of all these factors but mounting pressure on myself meant that my self doubt really took over this week.

I don’t take good enough photos, I’m not creative enough and I’ll always just be a try-hard, talentless hack. People will laugh at me and think what I do is rubbish, that I’m wasting time and money doing something that isn’t going to get me anywhere. All these thoughts constantly ring in my head even as I write this and I’m not going to lie – it’s scary, confronting and a little heartbreaking.

via | a life lived well

(Source: A Life Lived Well via Pinterest)

I pinned this quote this week because it really resonated with me - I think it sums up how I’m trying to turn the negativity into a positive approach to my studies.  I really have no idea what I will achieve from this course but if I never enrolled, then I’ll never know.

Wish me luck!