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First Day of Christmas

December is finally here and that also means Christmas!

Even though we’re now in a larger home, I’ve still not bought a full size Christmas tree for the house. As lovely as it would be, it does take a while to set up for just the two of us so we’ve kept to our usual ‘Christmas corner’ and bought a small tree instead.

Little Sundays_101113C

Red is my least favourite interior colour but there are two exceptions in the year where I let a little bit of it trickle into the house – Chinese New Year and Christmas. I’m surprisingly quite a traditionalist at Christmas and I love a bit of red when adding festive cheer around the home!

Little Sundays_101113D

Little Sundays_101113E

How have you decorated your home this year? What colours have you used?

I can’t believe how quickly another Christmas comes around – let the countdown to the holidays begin!

Making Art.

Finding the right artwork for our home is proving to be a really difficult task – it’s either expensive and beautiful or affordable yet not quite right.

In a bid to end our torment in finding some art for home, H. decided to try and make his own geometric poster to fill our art void. He’s quite proud of his efforts and wanted me to post this on the blog to share with you – what do you think?



It’s a bit different to what I imagined the art would be around our home but we’re happy to have this as a temporary fix around the house until we can buy something that ticks the boxes!

Neon + Flowers.

One of my design colleagues at work recently taught how to make paper flowers. Like, actual flowers – not the origami kind that I normally make!

As you know, H. and I have hay fever which means we can’t have any flowers in the house – especially anything highly pollinated. And though I love the evergreens that we use to bring life into the house, there’s just something about flowers that can’t be replaced.

Working evergreens into the arrangement, check out the paper flowers I made over the past weekend – hope you like the pop of neon orange!