mid-autumn festival

Project Zakka: Mini Tealight Lantern

One of the best things about Mid-Autumn celebrations while growing up was finishing my mooncake then lighting up paper lanterns in the backyard with my family to celebrate the beaming moon.

The best lanterns were always the animal shaped ones – oversized and made from red cellophane, they lit up the night sky with a kitsch merriness. Though I’m now a bit too old to be toting around a basketball sized red rabbit lantern, it still brings back fond memories… so I made a mini tealight rabbit lantern for a Mid-Autumn Zakka instead!

I love the fact that it’s portable and a bit safer for young kids then running around with an open flame paper lantern. Whilst I used rabbits as my muse, you can also work in simpler shapes like hearts or stars for a different occasion.

Come and continue Mid-Autumn celebrations with me by making and lighting up your mini lanterns!

What you need:

  • A sheet of washi paper, trimmed to fit around a small tealight – Tip: Use tissue paper if you don’t have any washi paper handy!
  • A patterned sheet of origami paper
  • A stencil or paper cutter for the shape of your motif – I used a small rabbit-shaped paper clip as my stencil!
  • Clear sticky tape
  • General craft tools – craft knife, cutting mat, pencil and glue


  1. Trace 4-5 of your stencils onto the patterned origami paper and using your craft knife, cut it out neatly. If you’re using a paper cutter, cut out 4-5 pieces of your desired shape.
  2. Glue your shapes onto your trimmed sheet of washi/tissue paper – Tip: Make sure there are some towards the top half of the paper; this will make the shape give a shadow when the tealight is lit!
  3. Tape the trimmed sheet around your tealight – you may need to tape the bottom edge to the base of the tealight to prevent movement of the sheet.
  4. Light your tealight candle and enjoy!

Mid Autumn.

Firstly, my apologies for the belated posting – I’ve been somewhat preoccupied over the past couple of weeks. Coming home after some long days at work hasn’t kept me in the best frame of mind for blog work!

But time flies when you’re busy and I can’t believe that this weekend was Mid-Autumn celebrations already. Perhaps one of the most relaxing holidays in the lunar calendar, it’s a great time to catch up with family and friends which is exactly what I’ve done throughout the weekend.

My favourite part of Mid-Autumn celebrations is eating ‘mooncake’. For those that are unfamiliar, a ‘mooncake’ is a traditional baked sweet pastry filled with a dense mix of egg yolk and lotus seed paste. My description does it slight injustice as it’s much tastier than it sounds but I love mooncakes for the fact that it’s more ornate than most other cakes and pastries. The visual appeal of the mooncake calls out for a celebration in itself!

Over the years, mooncakes have manifested to softer, doughy versions or even ice cream to be served cold but nothing beats a traditional double yolk lotus seed mooncake. I’m no connoisseur but I only get the chance to enjoy this pastry once a year so I’m definitely going to eat it to my heart’s content this coming week!

PS. Stay tuned for my Zakka post later this week for something I created for Mid-Autumn celebrations!