Finding Inspiration

As a part of the course, there’s some open forums where students can share their progress or graduates can share their work – kind of like Flickr. And naturally being my nerdy self, I’ve been checking out the forums to see what others are doing out there and get tips for modules that I’m trying to complete.

The challenge with that is that I’m not actually inspired by what I see but don’t get me wrong! There is some amazing photography of landscapes and portraits in there. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating these kinds of images as well as the courage to share and receive feedback for them. It’s just not the type of photography that I’m personally in to and that makes it hard to be motivated because I’m such a visual person.

Little Sundays_250114B

Little Sundays_250114A2

Little Sundays_250114C

So to make sure that I keep myself motivated, I’ve set up some inspiration cut outs from my favourite photography sources on the wall behind me when I’m studying. I love simplicity and stillness in photos from photographers like Alice Gao as well as magazines like Cereal which has always been what I want to be shooting.

I’ve got a long way to go but hopefully it will keep me motivated – at least I’ll be able to turn around, get a quick dose of inspiration then hit the books again!

Ikea House Call – Now Live!

Okay, okay – so I’m breaking again my rule about Sundays again but there’s no point in telling you on Sunday when our little house’s feature for Ikea Family Live actually goes live online… today!

Yes, that’s right – it’s an awesome start to 2014 for the blog and I really couldn’t wait to Sunday to share it. It’s funny looking back to photos of our home from a couple of months ago because of course, I’ve changed it up again recently. But regardless, our little house looks great especially when you consider that my grand plans for our home are nowhere near cemented!

You can check out the feature here:

Not all the photos I took made it to the feature so here’s some blurred out takes (*thanks to my tired, shaky hands) for you to enjoy – happy new year!



AT_Living Room02

Milk That Garden

A couple of weeks ago, I sent an email around the office asking everyone to not throw away the old milk in the kitchen so that I could use it in our garden… and like many of my office kitchen requests, I think most people thought I was mad!

But I’ve always believed that madness and brilliance are only a fine line apart – especially now that our little garden is benefiting from the amino acids, proteins and vitamins found in milk. Just look at how the lettuce and herbs have flourished!

Little Sundays_211213A

Little Sundays_211213B

I can’t take all the credit because it’s really H. that’s the green thumb of the family – his dedication and patience is truly astounding at the best of times. I can’t wait to see what other tasty goods spring up in the coming summer months!