New Additions

In my last post, I promised I would update you all a little bit on our home’s progress. This week’s post is going to be a long one so sit back, make some tea and enjoy the read!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would know that in the past month we’ve purchased some new display cabinets and finally had our Pocket String delivered.

1) Ikea Hack – White ‘Fabrikor’ Glass Cabinets

Let’s start with the display cabinets… this one’s been a long time coming! Our criteria for display cabinets were as follows:

  • Fits H’s collectables (must)
  • Fits the physical space that we’ve allocated to display said cabinet (must)
  • Glass on all sides (must)
  • White powder coated steel (must) and;
  • Scandinavian/Industrial feel (must)

Quite the list and one that I wasn’t willing to negotiate on! During the past year, we’d looked at the Ikea Fabrikor cabinet a few times but the colour options were really holding me back from purchasing it. I loved grey but it didn’t really work in our home. There’s one colour I dislike more than mahogany and that’s beige so that wasn’t going to happen. Lastly, green – a trend colour so you’ll hate it next season anyway.

With H’s constant pleading for a solution, we finally decided that if we can’t get it in the colour we want; then we’re hacking it and turning it white. So, after two days of meticulous spraying and drying… our white Fabrikor was born! It was tedious but the work was well worth it and now I have something that’s unique and fills the brief.

Little Sundays_230214C

Little Sundays_230214D

2) Pocket String System

We ordered this in November last year and it was finally ready for pick up… yay, a little bit of String in our tiny home! Of course, nothing ever goes to plan in our home and upon installing it, we screwed the anchors too tightly and it buckled the plaster wall slightly. I completely panicked but with some sound advice from a tradie friend, it all turned out okay. Lucky we were only putting light things on it!

It now sits proudly in our kitchen and has become a great spot for putting my favourite teas and some pretty things I like to look at while I enjoy said cup of tea!

Little Sundays_230214A

Little Sundays_230214B

Finding Inspiration

As a part of the course, there’s some open forums where students can share their progress or graduates can share their work – kind of like Flickr. And naturally being my nerdy self, I’ve been checking out the forums to see what others are doing out there and get tips for modules that I’m trying to complete.

The challenge with that is that I’m not actually inspired by what I see but don’t get me wrong! There is some amazing photography of landscapes and portraits in there. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into creating these kinds of images as well as the courage to share and receive feedback for them. It’s just not the type of photography that I’m personally in to and that makes it hard to be motivated because I’m such a visual person.

Little Sundays_250114B

Little Sundays_250114A2

Little Sundays_250114C

So to make sure that I keep myself motivated, I’ve set up some inspiration cut outs from my favourite photography sources on the wall behind me when I’m studying. I love simplicity and stillness in photos from photographers like Alice Gao as well as magazines like Cereal which has always been what I want to be shooting.

I’ve got a long way to go but hopefully it will keep me motivated – at least I’ll be able to turn around, get a quick dose of inspiration then hit the books again!

DIY Metal Board

Being the neat freak that I am, I’ve really never liked having notices on the fridge. The paper gets in the way when you’re opening the doors and it looks really messy which drives me insane!

So in a bid to combat this issue, I’ve rearranged all the things on our fridge onto a black metal board in in the hallway next to the intercom – and I actually think it’s working out!

Little Sundays_171113E

I spray painted the metal board black and stuck it to the wall using 3M adhesive strips for picture frames. Then I just got some basic envelopes, labelled them and organised everything into neat little bundles so that it’s easy to find – pretty simple, right?

Little Sundays_171113C

I’m going to have to create a 2nd one for the laundry area for all the random pieces like takeout menus but at least all the important things are organised for now…