Melbourne hasn’t really had a good run of summer this year – it’s now December and we’ve barely had a day over 30 degrees!

Lighting up some candles during gloomy evenings definitely added a touch of northern Christmas festivities last week… even if sunset wasn’t until 8.30pm each night!

Little Sundays_141213A

I’ve never really been a big candle lover but with the starkness of our home’s colours, I figured candles would give some needed ambience particularly during winter. You can mix and match different sizes and types of candle as a setting or just display them singularly depending on the space.

Little Sundays_141213B

This week, I’m particularly loving my new candle holders from work – made from natural American oak and designed for both long candles and tealights, they sit very high on my ‘proud of’ lists for this year.  They are a testament to the belief that beautiful things take time!

First Day of Christmas

December is finally here and that also means Christmas!

Even though we’re now in a larger home, I’ve still not bought a full size Christmas tree for the house. As lovely as it would be, it does take a while to set up for just the two of us so we’ve kept to our usual ‘Christmas corner’ and bought a small tree instead.

Little Sundays_101113C

Red is my least favourite interior colour but there are two exceptions in the year where I let a little bit of it trickle into the house – Chinese New Year and Christmas. I’m surprisingly quite a traditionalist at Christmas and I love a bit of red when adding festive cheer around the home!

Little Sundays_101113D

Little Sundays_101113E

How have you decorated your home this year? What colours have you used?

I can’t believe how quickly another Christmas comes around – let the countdown to the holidays begin!


My dad recently came back from a trip to China – it’s the first time he’s there been since the 80s! In our recent dinner catch up, he showed me many photos and marvelled at how China has changed in the past twenty odd years.

As always, he brought back some souvenirs for me – a signature stone engraved with my Chinese name and zodiac as well as a traditional tea set from Wushi. It was a lovely gift from dad so this week, I thought it would be a nice to share a bit of my heritage with you.