Christmas Calling.

During the first Christmas in my home, I attempted (and failed) hosting a Christmas party for H.’s family. My roast pork was so flavourless that I think H.’s mum started worrying that I wasn’t the cook H. made me out to be! But two years on and now going into the third Christmas, I can only look back and smile as I write this post – hopefully this year’s Christmas won’t be so bad!

I’ve spent the past weekend testing the pork and planning out what I wanted to do decoratively – see some snapshots below:

I still managed to burn the pork slightly but luckily, it tasted good – serves me right for trying to multitask and cook three other things at the same time! Decorating wise, I didn’t really like anything that I made over the weekend but thankfully, the lovely Donaville Herrick sent to me (and many others) her inspirational holiday guide from a few days ago and it made me rethink what I wanted to do. Hopefully I have a few good ideas in the coming weeks!

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