I’ve been searching for a nice strap for our DSLR – the generic Nikon strap just wasn’t working me. I’ve particularly been on the hunt for a leather version that was durable, beautiful and something just a bit more special. But like all things leather; even a camera strap can cost a tidy sum – especially if you’re after a good quality one but a bit cash strapped like me!

After finding inspiration from Design Love Fest, I wanted to create my own camera strap but soon came to realise that a ‘cut and sew’ version was not for me. After rummaging through my wardrobe, I found a spare leather bag strap from a beautiful tote I bought last year in Hong Kong. Completely on a whim, I decided this bag strap would form the basis of my own self-made leather camera strap.

Above: A self portrait of my DIY leather camera strap and me… can’t wait to start toting this around!

It came with all the bells and whistles so with a bit of snipping and gluing; I created a camera strap that is truly unique and my own. It might be silly but I’m so proud of it – can’t wait to get outside and start putting it to use!


  1. After looking online (with no success) to buy a camera strap – I decided to try one of my leather purse straps. Its perfect!! :)

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