Month: September 2012

Mid Autumn.

Firstly, my apologies for the belated posting – I’ve been somewhat preoccupied over the past couple of weeks. Coming home after some long days at work hasn’t kept me in the best frame of mind for blog work!

But time flies when you’re busy and I can’t believe that this weekend was Mid-Autumn celebrations already. Perhaps one of the most relaxing holidays in the lunar calendar, it’s a great time to catch up with family and friends which is exactly what I’ve done throughout the weekend.

My favourite part of Mid-Autumn celebrations is eating ‘mooncake’. For those that are unfamiliar, a ‘mooncake’ is a traditional baked sweet pastry filled with a dense mix of egg yolk and lotus seed paste. My description does it slight injustice as it’s much tastier than it sounds but I love mooncakes for the fact that it’s more ornate than most other cakes and pastries. The visual appeal of the mooncake calls out for a celebration in itself!

Over the years, mooncakes have manifested to softer, doughy versions or even ice cream to be served cold but nothing beats a traditional double yolk lotus seed mooncake. I’m no connoisseur but I only get the chance to enjoy this pastry once a year so I’m definitely going to eat it to my heart’s content this coming week!

PS. Stay tuned for my Zakka post later this week for something I created for Mid-Autumn celebrations!


On the rare occasion when I take a day off from work, I like going to get a bite to eat with H. This time, I decided to take us out to the suburb where I grew up – Yarraville. Once home to migrants and the working class, the gentrification of the area over the past 10 years has seen a boom in small eateries such as the Cornershop… which is quite literally, a corner shop!

With baked eggs at the Cornershop being the highlight dish, we also supplemented our lunch with some pan-friend sardines and a steak sandwich followed by some good Melbournian coffee and treats. But as I sat there enjoying my brunch, the trendy murmur of the ‘Village’ crowd reminded me how detached I had become from the area.

Having moved out of home for over two years now, everything seemed slightly unfamiliar and out of place – it felt as if I was visiting a new area of town, rather than having grown up in it. Whilst not to say that change isn’t great, it felt as though Yarraville has lost some of that cultural vibrancy it once had as a migrant area.

Though this thought made me slightly sad, I really enjoyed my brunch at the Cornershop and see it as the representation of the new culture that is emerging in my hometown. My adventure home just reminded me that things always change and evolve – the challenge for us is to accept them.

PS. If you are ever in Yarraville, go to the Cornershop for their baked eggs – they are amazingly tasty! Visit for details.

100 Days of Blogging!

Happy birthday to me… because I’m celebrating my 100th day of blogging!

I never really thought that I would get here – when I was younger, one of my teachers famously said to me that I had the potential to be brilliant at anything I do… if only I wasn’t so lazy! It is to my own amazement that my blog has perhaps been the only thing recently which I’ve pursued and actually followed through.

When I was starting out, I didn’t really know where this would take me and what I would be blogging about. I was jumping onto the bandwagon in search of a place where I could express myself outside of what I was doing at work. Though my blog hasn’t grown exponentially like many others that I’ve read over the past three months, no doubt it’s become a space for me to share and celebrate the everyday things that I’m doing.

Coinciding with my 25th post and the end of Zakka month, this birthday has come at a good time as it’s given me the chance think of what’s ahead – check out some of my thoughts below:

Project Zakka – Though it was originally just for a month, it’s actually grown on me and from the positive feedback I’ve had, Zakka will become a regular feature on my blog – though not necessarily weekly!

Food – Over the past 100 days, I’ve dabbled a little bit on recipes and food – the other great love of mine besides Zakka! I think this will be a continuing feature as well because let’s face it, we all love food…

Life – Originally when I started this blog, it was for the everyday comings and goings in my life. The past month admittedly has been a bit more focused on Zakka posts but I want to get back into the rhythm of writing life posts again because ultimately, this is what White Fish and Things is about… celebrating the everyday life!

Thank you to everyone that has continued to read and support my blog – I can’t wait to celebrate the next milestone with you!