South Melbourne

I’m going to admit it. I really don’t like my photography course. Like, I’m on the verge of hating it. Every time that I go to read my course notes or try to work on an assignment, I feel like I hit a creative roadblock. The content is dry and at times, really not relevant and the references just don’t inspire me. My thinking at the beginning of the year was that it would help me become a better photographer but at the moment, I’m questioning that all together.

It’s strange because I was always one of those kids that thrived in a school environment – I liked doing homework and getting good grades. But with this, it’s something completely different. I’ve got another four months left and six modules to go – I’m not sure how I’ll get through it but the geek inside me says to keep going so I will.

So what does one do when they’re creatively stuck? Well, in my case, they buy a new camera and challenge their own ways of shooting. One of my biggest weaknesses when it comes to photography is taking it outside – the people on the streets, the strange looks and accidental bumps as well as other uncontrollable variables like weather and traffic all scare me like crazy. But I’ve set myself the challenge to get better at it before I go to London and Paris later this year.

I have to admit, my Oly EM10 has made it all the bit easier to take on this challenge. His discrete looks don’t scare the masses plus he surprisingly handles a few situations better than our SLR. Here’s a few snaps from our South Melbourne day-cation over the past weekend:


Okay, so it’s been another couple of months since my last post and I’m still contemplating how much longer I should keep my blog going. I haven’t quite reached a decision yet so in the meanwhile, I’ll keep this running until I figure out what to do (which is kind of a best of both worlds answer at the moment)!

Anyway, I finally got around to putting some shelves in our hallway over the week. Our little house though small, is blessed with an extremely wide hallway – our hallway is over two metres wide which I love! One of the first things we thought when we bought our home was that the hallway needed some kind of storage so that it was functional but without compromising our space. Over time, we’ve added cabinets but it’s the shelves that really have completed this space.

There’s still much to do in our home – it really is a never ending process but at least that’s another that’s off the list!

Muuto Unfold Pendant Lamp

I can’t believe that I haven’t really worked on the blog since February – quite slack of me, isn’t it?

I’m at a crossroads with the blog at the moment – I’m not sure whether it’s the most effective way to continue showing my home updates; Instagram kind of has taken over that forum.

In any case, there are merits to using a blog – at least I can write down and explain the process with more depth for each step of the home.

But I’ve got a couple of weeks until I need to renew my blog so I’ll have a think and let you know then.

In the meanwhile, we finally got around to getting some pendant lamps installed in our kitchen. We chose the Muuto Unfold Pendant Lamp – I’ve always loved it for its unique material construction and of course, its Scandinavian heritage which suits us perfectly!

We were really surprised with the caps for the pendant at the top of the light – they came in a white/cream (beige for a lack of a better word… you know, one of my ‘favourite’ colours). I guess it was to match people’s ceilings and though this might sound sacrilegious to the Muuto die-hards out there… it was kind of ugly. Especially since our ceiling is pure white! So we did what we do best – we spray painted it black and now it looks much more appeasing to the eye.

Nothing ever goes to plan when we set things up around the house but I guess that’s part of the fun!


Little Sundays_080614